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The Universe Answered.

IMG_1186I was begging for mercy just a short while ago in regards to potty training. Something has clicked with my little three year old escaped mental patient and all of a sudden, he’s barely having any accidents at all. We automatically put on the cutest little pair of boxer briefs every morning and the diapers have been retired from daytime duty. Woo-Hoo!!!! As an added bonus, he prefers to have privacy when he goes potty and wants to wipe his own bum. That he actually does a pretty good job of wiping is the Universe spoiling me.

Aside from making the usual big deal “YOU WENT POTTY!!!!” smiling and clapping like an idiot, I began The Spin. Each time he goes potty, I take him in my arms and spin around really fast ten times. He loves loves loves this, and at the moment, I reserve it for potty time. After that, I chase a naked butt that bounces around the house with still the hint of that special toddler run. It’s not a stride but part hop, part jump and part run. He then decides to run back into my arms so I can tickle him and smother him with kisses. It’s pretty damn awesome, in fact.

So thank you, Universe. Thank you. <3

Potty Training. An open letter to the Universe.

IMG_2510Dear Universe,

Please. I am done with pee and poop. It’s been years. Did you hear me? YEARS! Not only do I have a blind dog that randomly pees around the house, I’m onto year number six of cleaning poop from bums. And now we are potty training. Odd as it sounds, I think I almost prefer diapers to this potty training business. At least it is predictable. While my three year old does a great job of using the potty when he’s naked, the little mental patient doesn’t understand that underwear isn’t a diaper and without fail, will soil himself. The unmistakable scent of urine wafts permanently through the house now no matter how many loads of laundry I do.  So we live in a constant state of red alert. You never know when those accidents are going to happen. Asking him if he needs to go potty just antagonizes him. He’ll go when he’s ready, and refuses to think ahead on these matters.

I understand this is a transitional phase. But it’s as much fun as when kids transition to dropping naps. Napping is great, not napping is great. But that hellish phase in between? Oh yeah baby!

So please look down kindly on us. My washing machine could do with a break and my sanity could do with saving.

Thank you.
The Ragged Mommy.

P.S.  Seriously, how does one get rid of this smell from clothes?