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The Final Stretch.

548300_10151612207823860_1221813303_nIt’s close. The end is near. Summer is almost over. My oldest is starting kindergarten on Monday. The kids are sick to death of each other and while I’m all emotional over the experience she is embarking on, I’m counting down the days to some peace and quiet. The summer has taken its toll on us all. I started it out like Mary Poppins and now I resemble The Exorcist. The mental patients are alive by the grace of God (and alcohol).

I will be sad to drop her off at school. I will resist the temptation to screech away from carpool lane, giggling hysterically and pumping my fist in the air. I will actually miss my tornado and I am very nervous for what will get thrown her way. She’s a tough bird, my girl, but she’s also very sensitive. She may feel like a Mac truck as she runs over you, but she’s still a little girl who can get overwhelmed easily. And when she’s feeling vulnerable in any way, she lashes out. Her defense is offense. God help us all.

By the way, I’m including Valium in my bag of school supplies for the teacher.