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Toddler Creed

  1. 40739_440189618859_7599956_nWhen in doubt, brute force is the answer.
  2. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine. Anything I see is mine, even if I haven’t seen it yet.
  3. Randomly yelling “NO!!” is therapeutic, even if someone wasn’t talking to you.
  4. “No” is the answer for all questions. Always.
  5. Mommy & Daddy can read minds.
  6. Food is discretionary.  Have Mommy make a meal and only eat one bite.
  7. Better yet, just look at the food. Don’t touch it.
  8. No, no. Touch it by flinging it across the room. Watch it fly!!!
  9. Or taste everything.
  10. Then spit it out.
  11. Then smear it all over the floor, the walls, clothes and TV. Woo-Hoo!
  12. New toys are great, but only in someone else’s house. Once the same toy is at home, don’t play with it.
  13. Call out for Mommy every 2 minutes. Even if you don’t need her. Just make sure she is there. Keeps her on her toes.
  14. The second you see an adult close their eyes, jump on them.
  15. Repetition is the key to getting what you want. Just keep asking. They’ll cave.
  16. Sleep is unnecessary. Fight it all the way. Unless you are in the car for a really short journey. Then it’s perfect.
  17. Getting dressed is a game. See how quickly Mommy will chase you.
  18. Nothing gets their attention faster than poop.
  19. Screaming is valid form of communication. The louder the better.
  20. When all else fails, run.

Are you freaking kidding me??

I’m just looking at an article regarding the new school lunch requirements that have been put into place, effective this upcoming summer.  Here’s what I’m reading (full article here):

“The School Nutrition Association has asked Congress and USDA to only require that 50 percent of foods be whole grain-rich, to suspend the 2017 sodium requirements and to stop requiring students to take a fruit or vegetable.”

Frankly, I’m speechless. Sure sure, kids won’t want it to start with. Whatever. Kids also don’t want to go to bed at an appropriate time, or get dressed, or do homework, or etc. etc. etc. . .

Guess what a hungry child will do? Eat.  It may be rough to start with while kids adjust to less processed food, but to request that standards be lowered leaves me speechless and angry.

How about we stop trying to please children and do what’s best for them? How about schools stop worrying about sales dips? How about we start putting our children first, ahead of business needs and profit margins?

I don’t understand. Or actually, I do. I understand that the food industry has to change how their food is marketed to kids, how the ingredients have to become a little more healthy and that they can’t laden down all foods with salt and sugar to make it appealing to the underdeveloped taste buds. That puts a dampener on the industry’s activities and profits. Well too damn bad.

Stay tuned . . .