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Goodbye to my dear old friend – my diaper bag.

unnamed (1)While visiting friends last week, I realized something profound and earth shattering. I no longer need a diaper bag. Aaaaacccckkkkk!!!!  My trusty and faithful companion of 3 years has served me well. To recognize its greatness, please note the wipes opening on the right for easy retrieval. This was genius. Similar model can be found here.

All my reasons for carrying the bag are gone. I no longer need to carry sippy cups, they can use a water fountain. I don’t need to have an instantaneous supply of food on hand, they can wait for a few minutes. Diapers have gone during the day and I keep the 3-yr old’s change of clothes in the car. Diaper cream is a thing of the past. I don’t have to carry odd small toys in my bag to calm the little beasts unexpectedly. Now all I fish out of there is my wallet so it’s time I graduated and stopped carrying around my battered, big diaper bag. It’s an odd sensation. That bag was a major part of early mommyhood. I have a wistful connection with it. A similar feeling can be found walking down the diaper aisle in the grocery store. Thrilled that those days are gone, but a little sad too. I’m not ready to throw it out. I can’t abandon it just yet but it’s out of use. It stares at me from atop the fridge for now.

The next big milestone happens next week when my oldest begins kindergarten. That’s not going to be pretty. Hold me.