Average Parenting

In an age of rampant parenting labels, I’m going to create my own – Average Parenting.

I strive to be average because the notion of a perfect parent is unrealistic, absurdly demanding, unattainable and ultimately damaging to all involved. Catering to a child’s every whim, doing everything for them, does exactly the opposite of what we should be doing, and that is, preparing our children to be healthy, self-sufficient children and adults. It’s so easy to want to help the little creatures, because we love them so much. We want to provide everything, be everything, do everything. Instead, all it does is rob them of the ability to learn, create a long-term interdependence and foster low self-esteem.

So stop. Stop doing everything. Being everything. Give yourself a break because your hulkian efforts are not doing anyone any favors, especially yourself, and certainly not your children.