Remember the kid who hit my girl on her first day of her new school? Apparently, he’s no longer in the school. My hurricane (I may downgrade her to a tropical storm soon) informed me of his departure when I was walking her into school this morning.

This change of school has done wonders for her. She’s a new, happier child when she comes home. She bounces into the car with glee when I pick her up. Before, she would wearily and slowly get in the car. It’s amazing what a difference the school can make. I’m really liking this new place. On October 30th, they are hosting a Mad Scientist Night where the kids get to make fake wounds (molds), mix up some green goo, carve pumpkins, etc. This Friday is Dress Down Day so if you haven’t had multiple issues in class, you are granted the privilege of not wearing your uniform. She’s going to be a unicorn (unicorn leggings and unicorn t-shirt) and she couldn’t be more exited.

My challenge over the next few months is to work on my 3-year old’s VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) enrollment for next year, when he will be 4-years old. I’m hoping desperately that I can get him into the same place I got my girl into last year. She loved that place, the staff felt like family, and I want him to experience the same thing. Even though enrollment won’t begin until February, I’ve already sent the director an email to say hi. If I can get him squared away there, I’m sitting pretty. He’s grandfathered into the new elementary that my girl is at now, thanks to the sibling-clause so I won’t have to go through this kindergarten nightmare again. And that would be amazing because I never want to go through this again.

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