Rough Road to Independance.

The mean face.

For a couple of days there, I thought this whole motherhood thing was getting easier. The 3-year-old escaped mental patient has been a little less crazy this week. I upgraded my 5 yr old to a paroled mental patient. And then BOOM! The paroled one decides to “not listen” to anything and suddenly we are at battle stations. Having a spirited child is draining, but when said child decides not to cooperate with anything, it’s a nightmare. It’s not simply a matter of not doing what she’s told, it turns into very blatant, intentional defiance. If she was allowed to use adult words, it would have been a morning of f**k you.

I realized I was about to explode, really, really explode, and her behavior was horrid enough that I actually didn’t want to be around her. That’s an odd feeling for a mother. I told her so, and that she was being sent to her room for a long, long time. She argued with me about that too but I issued the ultimate threat. We are doing a girls-only weekend, leaving tonight. No Daddies or brothers allowed. We’ve done this before and it has been absolutely heavenly. To be able to fully devote attention to just her, without the escapee grabbing me for something, is absolute gold. It fills my soul, and it clearly is something that she needs too because she often gets the raw deal of things with him around.

So, I told her I wouldn’t bring her on the weekend if the behavior continued. To be honest, it would have utterly killed me to follow through but I had already prepared my husband for the possibility. I really didn’t want to be around her when she was so obnoxious and she needed to know there are consequences to her actions. Her choices will directly affect what happens to and around her.

She stayed in her room for two hours. Don’t worry, it’s not a death sentence. There are toys and books in there, and she’s allowed to come out for potty or water. I fully needed that time to cool off. Godzilla shrank to human form. It appeared that she needed that time too because a different child emerged. The sweet one, excited for our trip, and back in control of herself.

We only have to make it another hour or so, before we can take off. Hopefully we can both keep it together to make it there!

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