A Day of Nothingness.

395134_10151177341138860_1874204464_nAmid the chaos of normal daily life, there comes the gift of a day where you don’t have anywhere to go or anything planned. Today was such a day. The kids didn’t get dressed until 1 pm, when I made a fleeting attempt to go to the grocery store, but then I decided could survive without going (see this!). The kids watched a solid 5 hours of TV before I shut it off and now they are playing together.

I have no problem with them watching TV or playing on the iPad. I don’t need to be Supermom and have 8 hours of crafts lined up. Pinterest can kiss my ass. My value as a parent is not defined by whether or not I let them be bored or how creative I am. I’m not here to entertain my children. I am not their playmate. I’m here to teach them, and the ability to amuse themselves is a very important lesson to learn. Not having everything lined up for them means they need to use their imagination and come up with their own games. Inevitably, they always do.

As long as no one is bleeding, I don’t need to get involved.

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