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The Universe Answered.

IMG_1186I was begging for mercy just a short while ago in regards to potty training. Something has clicked with my little three year old escaped mental patient and all of a sudden, he’s barely having any accidents at all. We automatically put on the cutest little pair of boxer briefs every morning and the diapers have been retired from daytime duty. Woo-Hoo!!!! As an added bonus, he prefers to have privacy when he goes potty and wants to wipe his own bum. That he actually does a pretty good job of wiping is the Universe spoiling me.

Aside from making the usual big deal “YOU WENT POTTY!!!!” smiling and clapping like an idiot, I began The Spin. Each time he goes potty, I take him in my arms and spin around really fast ten times. He loves loves loves this, and at the moment, I reserve it for potty time. After that, I chase a naked butt that bounces around the house with still the hint of that special toddler run. It’s not a stride but part hop, part jump and part run. He then decides to run back into my arms so I can tickle him and smother him with kisses. It’s pretty damn awesome, in fact.

So thank you, Universe. Thank you. <3